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685-53 Proximity Switchboard Reader

The 685-53 OEM proximity switchbox reader is a fully potted unit containing all the electronics required to read a RFID transponder and output the code in a number of formats. An 8-way connector on the back of the unit is provided to connect the unit to a controller. Compact design and extraordinary reading distance make this unit ideal for numerous OEM applications. The 11 different data output formats allows easy integration. The 685-53 reads the factory set ID-code from the transponder and transmits it via the chosen interface (RS232, Wiegand 26bit, ABA Track II) to the PC


  • Fully potted for increased weather resistance
  • Continuous or single output mode
  • Reading distance up to 10cm
  • 3 LEDs and 1 buzzer can be steered externally
  • Compact design

Application ranges

  • Security Systems
  • Industrial data collection / job costing
  • Time and attendance
  • Membership cards
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