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686-52 Read Write Module

Correctly formatted cards will have a unique 40 bit ID and a user data area capable of storing 100 bits of data without password protection, or 80 bits of data with password protection

Since the 10 digit (hex) ID code is fully compatible with the EM H 4001/4002/4102 RFID chip family, the device can easily be integrated into existing access control or time and attendance systems that are using this chip family without having to change the existing card readers


  • RFID number as fixcode and additional read write zone on chip
  • Data coding and decoding are handled within the 686-52 module,/li>
  • High safety by data encryption
  • Fully potted for improved weather resistance
  • Variable operating voltage - regulated 5V dc or unregulated 7-12Vdc
  • Compact dimensions
  • Control via full duplex RS232 (TTL levels) port at 19200 baud
  • Read write tags supported: TEMIC e5551/4/5/7 series, Sokymat Q5, and equivalent
  • Support for password mode and answer on request
  • 1 open collector output for connecting a piezzo sounder (3.9 khz)
  • Secure data encryption and decryption optional

Application Ranges

  • Security systems / access control
  • Ticketing systems
  • Ski lifts
  • Combined systems i.e. Leisure parks
  • Membership cards for clubs
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