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RFID leads to Greater Efficiency and Improved Safety in Mine Operations

RFID leads to Greater Efficiency and Improved Safety in Mine Operations



While in the eyes' of many the mining industry is "booming", with no end in sight to the rapid growth, there has never been a greater need for the intelligent management of assets and human resources within the sector. Worker safety, site security, vehicle and personnel access, and effective utilization of assets are high on the priority list of every mine operations manager.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology is at the core of many new systems that are driving efficiency within the industry. No longer "black box magic", RFID is a reliable, accessible and affordable enabling technology for a wide range of automation, tracking and safety systems.

Long range passive RFID tags are being used to identify and locate mine trucks and other vehicles while on the move. Reader systems are deployed at critical locations to interrogate the vehicle tags as they pass. Positive identification can be used to grant access to secure areas, improve utilization, verify correct loading of materials and to ensure that vehicle separation is maintained to avoid accidents.

Driver ID systems are being deployed as part of a comprehensive site-wide safety system to ensure that only authorised, appropriately qualified staff have access to vehicles and to hazardous zones within mining sites. RFID cards, wristbands or key fobs are issued to drivers as secure credentials, or sometimes it is possible to use existing site ID cards. Identification data is provided to on-board vehicle management systems and to central control rooms via telemetry. Positive linking of vehicle and driver ID, when combined with real-time location information, provides essential data to mine safety systems in the event of emergencies or evacuations. RFID personnel ID cards can furthermore be used for secure building access control, as electronic purses for use in the canteen or vending machines, and for keyless access to accommodation and recreation facilities.

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